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Sport and more

Sport and more

So, you won’t miss moments of relax, culture, fun and for sure. And talking about sport, the possibilities that Turin and the territory in general offer are many, both for practicing the discipline that you love the most and for assisting to competitions, sometimes international ones. From structures in the “Valli Olimpiche” that let us practice a lot of sports to Sports Buildings, swimmingpools and stadium. Then, after so much sport, also food and wine are a big part of everything. A lot of proposals that a cosmopolitan city such as Turin can offer…. from typical Piedmont tastes to ethnic specialties, to satisfy everyone.

Venaria Royal Palace

Venaria Royal Palace, huge complex not far from Turin, is one of the major and most beautiful Savoy residences surrounded by 50 hectares of English-style gardens with flowers and groves areas. The solemnity of Galleria Grande, the huge complex of Scuderie Juvarriane, VI century creations of Filippo Juvarra, the amazing Fontana del Cervo in the honor court are only some of the “jewels” of the Royal Palace. This amazing scenario is completed by the huge number of expositions and events organized in every moment of the year.


The Sacra of St. Michael Avigliana, situated in the entrance of the Val of Susa, it’s rich of history, emotions and suggestions. It is found inside the Natural Park of the Lakes of Avigliana, practicable park through paths that also allow the use of the horse or the bicycle. On the Great Lake so many the events and the initiatives in different periods of the year and so many the possibilities to practise aquatic sport. The historical center is precious and culminates in Plaza Red Count and in the ruins of the castle that overhang it. Few kilometers away dominates the Sacra of St. Michael, an ancient abbey that the writer Umberto Eco has inspired for the bestseller “The name of the Rose”.

The Susa Valley

Valley of connection between Italy and France thanks to the gallery of the Frejus, it is surely one among the most beautiful valleys in Piedmont, with a territory rich in ancient and fascinating history and with treasures to see and to love. From the Sacra of St. Michael to Avigliana in the Abbey of Sant'Antonio of Ranverso passing through the Strong one of Exilles and the Strong one of Bramafam to Bardonecchia. This last is an appreciated place of vacation both in winter and in summer. Its enchanting landscapes are the ideal frame for pleasant walks. In winter periods are so many the possibilities in operation sporting fittings, fittings that were theater of the competitions of snowboard the Winter Olympiads in Turin 2006.


First Capital of Italy, the city offers a lot of occasions to discover its history through buildings, museums, parks and avenues, restaurants and historical coffees. From the Mole Antonelliana with the prestigious Museum of the Cinema inside, to the Egyptian Museum, from the Basilica of Superga to the Valentine's Park with the Suburb Medioevale. So many the Royal Residences testimony of the power of Savoy House; from the Villa of Hunting of Stupinigi to Building Madam and Building Carignano, from Royal Building to the Savoy Gallery. To contour, there are also events and parties of international importance; from the Fair of the Book in the Saloon of the auto to the open one in the Park of the Valentine; from the Turin Film events sporting Festival of world breath.


The elegant and attractive town of Rivoli offers to the tourists an occasion of relax, culture and fun in all periods of the year. The Castle of Rivoli, the Museum House of the Green Count, the Cave of Ninfeo are only some of the principal historical-cultural places that the city offers. And you don't miss for sure the all seasons events. Starting from the “mercatini of the antiquariato” passing through the Party of the Culture, of the Music and of the Book, to the street shows with jugglers, live music, laboratories and exposures.

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